Appendix G

Historical Notes From Site Author

The P-51B assigned to Capt. Chester Malarz, flown by Steve on his first mission and now resting at the bottom of the North Sea, was named “Bison Bull”.

The P-51D 6N-K assigned to Lt. Stephen C Ananian and named “Baby Mine” by him, is the same aircraft erroneously depicted as “Baby Max” in Roger Freeman’s book “The Mighty Eighth”. This error appears to be due to misinterpretation of the photograph taken on 28 March 1945 when Lt. William R Guyton wrote off the aircraft in a crash landing. The damage distorted the name and the camera angle did the rest! The inaccuracy was further compounded by the aircraft being given a yellow rudder in the artwork. It is unfortunate therefore that artist Keith Hill chose the “Mighty Eighth” depiction of “Baby Max” for his painting “Return to Fowlmere” which in turn also perpetuated the incorrect name and yellow rudder.