Appendix A

26 June 1995

Dear Steve,

I have read RAMROD TO MUNSTER several times and am impressed with the courage, physical strength and a strong will to live… demonstrated by a young fighter pilot who knew that his survival chances were almost nil… yet never gave up.

Within two days of his spectacular rescue he was back in the air over Germany on his second combat mission… RAMROD TO BREMEN… refusing a few days rest and recuperation recommended by the flight surgeon.

His skill and prowess in the air was not diminished by the very frightening first mission experience. He went on to complete a full, successful and outstanding tour of duty and was known as one of the best fighter pilots in the 505th Fighter Squadron.

I was equally impressed with the courage, determination and devotion to duty of all those directly involved in the rescue. It’s a great story. Everyone at the scene was a hero.

I am proud to say I flew in combat with you, my friend.

Best wishes always,

Cecil Byrd.