Ramrod To Muster

The following article is a copy of a private publication by the pilot concerned, Stephen C. Ananian. It is reproduced here with his permission and my gratitude.

Ramrod was the code word to designate a mission in which fighter planes escorted our bombers. I guess the word comes from the days of the old west. Cowboys that herded the cattle were called ramrods. They rounded up the strays and brought the cattle home. I often felt like I was riding herd on the bombers, protecting them from enemy fighters and bringing them home safely!

Narrative and illustrations byStephen C. Ananian

2nd Lt. Stephen C. Ananian flying in this Mustang P-51B Fighter, flew his first mission on
5 October 1944. What transpired that day is the true story that follows……….

To Anna, my guardian angel, who watches over me in death as she did in life………