355th Fighter Group

The Steeple Morden Strafers


Steeple Morden

Station Callsigns

Towrope to 22 April ’44 then:
Two Room

Group Callsigns

Sunshade to 22 April ’44 then:
Uncle (A Group)
Hornpipe (B Group)
Borax (C Group)
(No Squadron Callsigns in C Group)

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354th Fighter Squadron

  • Haywood to 22 April '44 then:
  • Falcon (A Group)
  • Chieftan (B Group)

357th Fighter Squadron

  • Blowball to 22 April '44 then:
  • Custard (A Group)
  • Moses (B Group)

358th Fighter Squadron

  • Trooptrain to 22 April '44 then:
  • Bentley (A Group)
  • Beehive (B Group)

Total Records: 554

Serial No Type Squad Sqd Code Pilot Rank/Given Names Markings Comments MACR
44-14898 P-51D 358 YF-J Roberts Lt. Spencer NMI Look
44-14910 P-51D 354 WR-L Vickery Lt. Duran M Jr. Ann Anita / Bama Bound Ann Anita is name of his future wife
44-14966 P-51D 357 OS-S Garlich Lt. Robert H Luscious Lu Named for High School sweetheart of the time - did not blossom! The only a/c so named & Lt. Garlich's last assigned a/c of tour
44-14991 P-51D 358 YF-B Lanius Lt. John H Lucille III
44-14999 P-51D 357 OS-U Whitney Lt. Emerson H Dapper Dian
44-15014 P-51D 358 YF-J Roberts Lt. Spencer NMI Look Lost 15 Dec 44 - Lt. Arthur K Alexander POW 11310
44-15189 P-51D 357 OS-F
44-15255 P-51D 354 WR-F Graham Lt.Col. Gordon M "Gordy, Ace" Down For Double
44-15255 P-51D 354 WR-S Stewart Col. Everett W "Ev, Stew" Sunny VII
44-15279 P-51D 354 WR-B Marshall Maj. Bert W Jr Jane V Became Miss Miami after completion of Marshall's first tour
44-15279 P-51D 354 WR-B Prothro Lt. Scott P Miss Miami Lost in this a/c 29 Jan 45 - POW 11915
44-15291 P-51D 357 OS-T Paul Lt. Theobald J
44-15291 P-51D 357 OS-T
44-15294 P-51D 358 YF-C Woodson Lt. Nelson B The Buckeye Flash
44-15334 P-51D 357 OS-B Monahan Lt. Harold L Lost in this a/c 25 Dec 44 - KIA 11171
44-15335 P-51D 357 OS-P From 479 FG
44-15346 P-51D 354 WR-Z Gadpaille Lt. Warren J Bobbie Socks Lost 7 April 45 - Lt. Gilbert M Plowman KIA (mid air collision) 13958
44-15348 P-51D 357 OS-J Kuehl Lt. Robert O J For Jean
44-15373 P-51D 354 WR-N Fortier Maj. Norman J "Bud"
44-15373 P-51D 357 OS-U Whitney Lt. Emerson H Dapper Dian
44-15462 P-51D 357 OS-N Forehand Lt. William F "Wild Bill" My Butch Named for his wife, "Butch" being his pet name for her.
44-15494 P-51D 358 YF-I Hovde Maj. William J "Billy" Ole VI
44-15512 P-51D 357 OS-S Garlich Lt. Robert H
44-15517 P-51D 358 YF-G Seeley Capt. Grant A Ginny Lynn
44-15517 P-51D 358 YF-G Wagner Lt. Robert B Ginny Lynn
44-15534 P-51D 358 YF-H
44-15584 P-51D 358 YF-J Knutty Lt. Harold P Ida / the Draggin Lady (L&R) Ida = C.C.'s wife. Draggin Lady because the a/c was marginally slower!
44-15595 P-51D 357 OS-A Iglesias Lt. Victor D Jersey Bounce
44-15595 P-51D 357 OS-I Moroney Lt. Edward J Mary Jane / Little Stoop
44-15621 P-51D 354 WR-M Heaton Lt. Robert L Chugger Crash-landed 23 Dec 44 - heaton injured
44-15625 P-51D 354 WR-S Westerveld Lt. Robert Scatterbrain
44-15625 P-51D 354 WR-A Kinnard Lt.Col. Claiborn H Jr. "Zoot" Man o' War
44-15647 P-51D 357 OS-I
44-15652 P-51D 354 WR-E Priest Lt. Royce W Weepin' Deacon III
44-15652 P-51D 354 WR-E Falvey F/O Harold W Ex Weepin' Deacon III (Priest). Crashed 8 Dec 44 - F/O Harold W Falvey
44-15684 P-51D 357 OS-J Cavender Lt. James V Jr Crash-landed 16 Jan 45
44-15749 P-51D 357 OS-D Dressler Lt. Jack H Don Kelley
44-63162 P-51D 358 YF-U Brown Lt. Robert H Little Brown's Jug Don't I Love Thee Lost 20 Jan 45 - Lt. Frank R Masters POW 11916
44-63222 P-51D 354 WR-E Falvey F/O. Harold W.
44-63227 P-51D 354 WR-E Post war with occupation bands
44-63228 P-51D 354 WR-F Q's Blitz Buggy Post war with occupation bands
44-63252 P-51D 357 OS-V Cummings Col. William J Jr. "Wild Bill" Wild Bill
44-63252 P-51D 357 OS-V Gilchrist Lt.Col. William D Little Bill a/c from Cummings
44-63259 P-51D 354 WR-A Galer Lt. Donald V Cherraine Named for his wife
44-63633 P-51D 357 OS-X
44-63633 P-51D 357 OS-R Elder Lt.Col. John L "Moon" Moon To Switzerland post-war as J-2069
44-63677 P-51D 354 WR-O Rodebaugh Lt. Charles R Ruthie R Named for his wife Ruth.
44-63689 P-51D 358 YF-U To 359 FG as CV-K
44-63764 P-51D 354 WR-Y Duffy Capt. James E Jr. Dragon Wagon
44-63767 P-51D 354 WR-O Rodebaugh Lt. Charles R Ruthie II Named for his wife Ruth.