352nd Fighter Group

The Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney


Bodney 8 July 1943 to 3 November 1945
(Asche & Chievres between 23 Dec. ’44 & 13 Apr. ’45)

Station Callsigns

Speedboat (Beachhouse from April 1945)

Group Callsigns

Hatfield to 22 April ’44 then:
Topsy (A Group) (Packload from April ’45)
Bearskin (B Group)
Cloister (C Group)
(No Squadron Callsigns in C Group

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328th Fighter Squad

  • Turndown to 22 April '44 then:
  • Ditto (A Group)
  • Tarmac (B Group)

486th Fighter Squadron

  • Handspun to 22 April '44 then:
  • Angus (A Group)
  • Rocket (B Group)

487th Fighter Squadron

  • Crownprince to 22 April '44 then:
  • Transport (A Group)
  • Vicar (B Group)

Total Records: 527

Serial No Type Squad Sqd Code Pilot Rank/Given Names Markings Comments MACR
44-15712 P-51D 487 HO-F Bateman Lt. James A Buzz Boy II a/c to Lt. Graves
44-15712 P-51D 487 HO-F Graves Lt. James F Lady Gue a/c from Bateman
44-63179 P-51D 328 PE-B McCarthy Lt. Francis J Chub A Luk (L) Artwork of Barber's Pole (R) Later PE-R - Reiners
44-63179 P-51D 328 PE-R Reiners Lt. John F Chub A Luk From PE-B McCarthy
44-63202 P-51D 486 PZ-F Paulsen Lt. Eugene A Sweet Bet
44-72### P-51D 486 PZ-T Colby Capt. Thomas W "Tom" Li'l Evey last Lil Evey
44-72216 P-51D 487 HO-M Littge Capt. Raymond H Miss Helen Taken over by Lt. Russell Ross (44-72716 in error in BBB)
44-72216 P-51D 487 HO-M Ross Lt. Russell H Miss Nita a/c from Littge. Named after wife Anita
44-72235 P-51D 487 HO-D
44-72389 P-51D 487 HO-Z Ricci Lt. Carlo A Ron-Marie
44-72763 P-51D 487 HO-N
44-72921 P-51D 328 PE-B Bryan Maj. Donald S Little One IV Named for his petite wife. To 479th FG as Scat VII.
44-73239 P-51D 486 PZ-H Harker Capt. Chester V "Chet" Cile VII / Luck of the Irish (atrwork not applied)
44-11365 P-51K 486 PZ-B
44-11556 P-51K 487 HO-Y Bennett Maj. John R Pistol Packin Mama Sharkmouth on nose
44-11556 P-51K 487 HO-Y Pattillo Lt. Cuthbert A Sweet & Lovely (L&R) Lost in this a/c 16 April 45 POW - a/c from Bennett 13859
44-11560 P-51K 328 PE-C Cartee Lt. James G Steph-'n-Jane (L) Bonny (R)
44-11626 P-51K 328 PE-Z Dodd Lt. Robert V It's Supermouse (L) Sweet Sue (R)
44-11628 P-51K 328 PE-J McAuliffe Maj. Richard G Vivienne III From Middleton
44-11628 P-51K 328 PE-J Middleton Lt. George A Worra Bird 3 (L) Bashful Betsy (R) To McAuliffe
44-11633 P-51K 486 PZ-Q Grabovski Lt. Bruno J Duchess
44-11644 P-51K 328 PE-Q Duncan Lt. Col Earl D Juliet Lost in accident 7 July 45 - Lt. Glenn W St.John KIFA 14720
44-11648 P-51K 486 PZ- Taxi accident Bentwaters 31 Dec 44 - Lt. Robert E Peter
44-11654 P-51K 486 PZ-T Colby Capt. Thomas W "Tom" Li'l Evey
44-11654 P-51K 486 PZ-T Williams Lt. Edward R "Ed" Dotty A/C from Colby
44-11664 P-51K 328 PE-T Adriene III
44-11750 P-51K 328 PE-K Kebelman Capt. Frank L Jr. Lonesome Polecat Jr. Lost 24 Feb 45 - Lt. Sylvester J Evans POW 12624