339th Fighter Group


Fowlmere 5 April 1944 to 10 October 1945

Station Callsigns


Group Callsigns

Armstrong (A Group)
Student (B Group)
Pretend (C Group)
(No Squadron Callsigns in C Group)

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503rd Fighter Squadron

  • Beefsteak (A Group)
  • Unique (B Group)

504th Fighter Squadron

  • Cockshy (A Group)
  • Gluepot (B Group)

505th Fighter Squadron

  • Upper (A Group)
  • Slapjack (B Group)

Total Records: 409

Serial No Type Squad Sqd Code Pilot Rank/Given Names Markings Comments MACR
44-11373 P-51K 503 D7-R Seial & Code from Encounter Report 26 Nov 44 flown by Beavers. To 357 FG
44-11623 P-51K 503 D7-A Preddy Lt. William R Rusty A/c from French, name retained. Lost in this a/c 17 April 1945 - KIA 13938
44-11623 P-51K 503 D7-A French Capt. Lloyd J. "Jeff" Rusty Serial & Code from Encounter Report 2 March 45 - Pilot Chetneky. Reassigned to Preddy
44-11640 P-51K 504 5Q-F Aldrich Lt. Richard T. Hell's Fable
44-11676 P-51K HQ - Goldenberg Lt. Col. Carl T Honey Chile
44-11684 P-51K 504 5Q-T Hudson Lt. Will M. One Jane (L) White Lightnin' (R) Artwork of cat's head retained.
44-11684 P-51K 504 5Q-X Langohr Lt. William E Kitty Blue Eyes Artwork of cat's head below cockpit. Crash-landed Fowlmere 8 Mar 45 - Lt. Robert C Havinghurst and reassigned as 5Q-T.
44-11745 P-51K 504 5Q-C Clark Lt.Col. William C. Happy III Lost 22 Feb 45 - Capt. Ray F Hermann KIA 12682
44-12160 P-51K 503 D7-H Moreland Lt. Kenneth E Irish Eyes Take-off crash due to engine failure on 3 April 1945 - Lt. Moreland.