Abbreviations etc., used on this site

I have been told that many visitors to this site, particularly non-native English speakers, are sometimes baffled by the terms and abbreviations used.
This glossary is therefore an attempt to help those visitors to obtain a better understanding of the database and captions.
If I have missed anything or you need more explanation, please email me.


AAF(US) Army Air Force
accAssistant Crew Chief
AFAir Force
APIArmour Piercing Incendiary (ammunition)
ASRAir-Sea Rescue
ATGAir Transport Group
BanditEnemy Aircraft
BDBattle Damage
Big FriendsAllied Bombers
B/OBail or Bailed Out
BGBomb Group
BogeyUnidentified Aircraft (possibly hostile)
BSBomb Squadron
CAT. ECategory "E" = damaged beyond economical repair
CAVUCeiling And Visibility Unlimited
ccCrew Chief
ChattanoogaOffensive fighter/fighter-bomber mission against rail targets
C.O.Commanding Officer
CTDCompleted Tour of Duty
D-Day(6th June 1944) Derived from the way of expressing an "as yet unknown"
date. The event will take place at H-Hour on D-Day in M-Month
EOWEnd of War
ERSEmergency Rescue Squadron
ETDEnded Tour of Duty
ETOEuropean Theatre of Operations
Flak HappyIn need of a spell of R&R in a Flak Home
Flak HomeRequisitioned Country House/Mansion used to give aircrew a respite from
FGFighter Group
F/OFlight Officer
F.O.Field Order (number)
FSFighter Squadron
FTGFighter Training Group
FTSFighter Training Squadron
FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition but often given as "Fouled"
up in polite company!
GTTFGunnery and Target Tow Flight
I/OIntelligence Officer
KIAKilled in Action
KIFAKilled in Flying Accident
KIMACKilled in Mid-air Collision
Little FriendsAllied Fighters
Lt.Lieutenant (First and Second Lieutenants are not differentiated on this
Lt.Col.Lieutenant Colonel
L-RFrom Left to Right (in photo)
MACMid-air Collision
MACRMissing Air Crew Report (number)
MIAMissing in Action
M/Sgt.Master Sergeant
MTOMediterranean Theatre of Operations
NMFNatural Metal Finish (unpainted)
O.D.Olive Drab (top surface and anti-glare panel colour)
Pfc.Private, first class
POWPrisoner of War
PRGPhotographic Reconnaissance Group
PROPublic Relations Officer
PRSPhotographic Reconnaissance Squadron
PSPhoto Squadron
PvtPrivate Soldier
RamrodBomber Escort Mission
R&RRest and Relaxation (Recuperation)
RCSRadio Call Sign
RelayRadio Relay - the duty of orbiting offshore to relay radio messages
to/from the unit aircraft on long missions
RhubarbSmall number of fighter aircraft attacking ground targets
RodeoAn offensive fighter mission using bombers as either a diversion or
as bait
SF Scouting Force
SFXExperimental Scouting Force
SNAFUSituation Normal - All Fucked Up, but again often changed to "Fouled
up" by those who think that "single men in barricks" do
indeed grow into plaster saints! (ack. Rudyard Kipling)
SpareAdditional aircraft that took off at the beginning of a mission to take
the place of any that had to return early
S/Sgt.Staff Sergeant
T/Sgt.Technical Sergeant
VE DayVictory in Europe Day
ZIZone of the Interior (The United States)