Since this site first went on line, I have never ceased to be amazed by the generosity and willingness of people to provide information and photographs to enhance the site for the benefit of all. Where individuals have supplied photos, they are acknowledged individually with each entry. Deserving of special mention are those that have actively encouraged the development of this site by their enthusiasm, readiness to answer endless questions and contact their fellows to help where necessary. These include, in no particular order, the late Richard C ‘Slick’ Penrose of the 339th FG who was a pioneer in using the Internet to publicise his unit, Eddie Malo of the 356th FG, Rene Burtner of the 359th FG, Don Pierini (Jr) of the 4th FG, Frank Birtciel of the 55th FG, Bob Kuhnert and Ray Shewfelt of the 355th FG and E Richard ‘Dick’ Atkins of the Scouting Force. The 353rd FG photo collection obtained by Jim Reid was made available by the hard work of Chuck Noble whose restoration of them has made them viewable for future generations. Special mention and thanks also go to “Angels, Bulldogs and Dragons” author Bill Marshall who has been a devoted compiler of the 355th FG’s history and a/c inventory and has made his large photograph collection available for use on site.

Sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks also go to Sam Sox, photo archivist of the 352nd FG. Sam’s dedicated work in preserving the unit’s photographic history is a shining example to all. Not just content with that aspect, Sam has also led the way in ensuring that the group history will never be lost, by ensuring that several museums and six similarly dedicated amateurs such as myself, located on both sides of the Atlantic, are provided with a copy of the photo collection and records, so that queries may continue to be answered and the history perpetuated. A noble idea put into practice, and something that all unit historians would be well advised to emulate. A shining example of demonstrating that history is for the education and enjoyment of all and not just for an individual.

Special thanks are also due to fellow enthusiasts who have never failed to help or advise when called upon. These include David Knight (20th FG), Martin Kyburz (Swiss Mustangs); Joe Ormond, Craig Quattlebaum, Ed Kozicki and Bill Woods (361st FG), Marc Hamel (352nd FG), Graham Cross (353rd FG), Jim Sterling (Web-birds), Jim Anderson (357th FG), Luc Vervoort (9th Air Force) and authors Roger Freeman, Danny Morris and Kent Miller. Thanks are also due to David Garcia who takes the trouble to colour correct some of the photos on this site so as to improve viewing pleasure and to Robert Watkins for permitting me to use the unit insignia from his “Battle Colors” publications.

There are however certain individuals who deserve special mention for acting ‘above and beyond’ the level of assistance that I could reasonable ask for and these are Nick King for his wonderful work in providing the profiles used on site and Ted Damick for his unceasing research into the P-51 and never failing to give information freely and answer the myriad of problems that I have placed before him.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If I have missed anybody out, please forgive me and give me a gentle reminder. Like the site as a whole, the project is a living thing and can be updated at will on a daily basis.

Many thanks to you all,

Peter Randall