Keeping the memory alive...

This site is dedicated to all those who flew and served in the US 8th Army Air Force Fighter Command during World War 2. It is a consolidation of details gathered over many years including the various reference works published on the subject and is presented as a research tool to 8th Air Force historians. There are still many blanks to be filled in as well as errors in the listings. If you can add to the information contained here, please E-mail me the details, preferably quoting reference source, to be included in future updates of the site.


As there has been an inordinate delay in the publication of the AJ book, Nigel and I have cooperated again to produce “Plan B” for Fighting High Publications, a highly respected, professional publisher, based here in the UK. Here is the cover of the new book which will be published at the end of June 2015. We will be signing copies at Flying Legends at Duxford on July 11th and 12th as well as Halesworth open day on August 30th. Details of the book can be found at at: Fighting High web site.

There are also plans for special editions and a limited edition artwork print. Details can be found at: Fighting High Special Editions.


Nigel Julian of the 56th FG site and I have teamed up to take advantage of the outstanding artwork of Zbigniew Kolacha, to illustrate with photographs and profiles, recent new discoveries of previously unidentified 56th FG aircraft. Due to be covered in three volumes, this first one should have been available long before now but thanks to publishing problems in Poland, it looks like it will not now be available until well into 2,014. We have however seen the finished artwork and can confirm that it is outstanding. 56th FG fans will be overjoyed with the result and will hopefully think the wait worthwhile. STOP PRESS – Now available (signed) from Halesworth Airfield Museum,


For the rare opportunity of listening to the pilot describe the action captured in Ronnie Olsthoorn’s latest rendering, go to the News Page and click on the photo.

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All of the photos on this site are freely sent in by donors for the enjoyment of the world in general. I have no objection at all if people want to download these images for their own enjoyment, reference or research. I do however object strongly to their use as mere commercial items for earning money by people who have no right to their use. Many of these images were donated by the veterans themselves or their immediate families and it grieves to me to think that the memory of the men depicted and commemorated here is being tarnished by personal greed.


Due to the way that the ISP’s on-line database works, the normal process of updating does not filter new entries into their proper place, in either the unit inventories or the galleries. From previous postings concerning updates, I have had to answer many queries, concerning what visitors though to be missing entries. I have therefore decided not to make any more update announcements save the occasional one or two concerning major changes. The first of these concerns the 56th FG gallery where you will notice that there are now 555 illustrations sorted into squadron and then a/c code order. The Scouting Force has received similar treatment. Next in line is the 339th FG gallery. As I will still be unable to insert any new illustrations into their correct sequence, I will add an addendum at the end of each gallery. Other recent changes are the removal of the links page, due to so many other sites disappearing, and its replacement by a glossary. My next step is to remove the News Page and replace it with ad hoc items. I am open to suggestions for the replacement of the news page.